SPACES that we inhabit—be they spaces where we live or work—should elicit an intensely personal, positive feeling in us. They should reflect who we are and allow us to be who we want to be. They should give us conscious satisfaction when we walk into them, work in them, converse, dine or wake up in them.

SPACES should fulfill our needs effortlessly—unconsciously. The right storage in the right places. The table at the right height for the book or a drink. Electrical outlets where we need them. Work spaces that support the way we like to work. Light levels appropriate to the task.

SPACES should continuously surprise us. They should move beyond the pleasant but prosaic to express diverse personal choice in art or objects, books read, countries traveled or idiosyncratic whimsy.

The ultimate success of a design project is dependant upon a complete understanding of not only how a space must function but how my client wants to feel in the space and the image they want to convey to others. It’s critical to get to know my clients so that together we can build the rapport necessary to create exceptional spaces.

I aim to bring a level of sophistication, design restraint and quality materials and workmanship to every project.